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Many organisations do not have systematic management processes for reviewing projects or project proposals. Often they attempt to do much more projects than their capacity allows them to, generating the risk of “bad” projects squeezing out “good” projects. In many cases there is a lack of visibility on all ongoing initiatives throughout the organisation. A recent Forrester Research report contends that as many as 75% of IT organizations have little oversight over their project portfolios and employ non-repeatable, chaotic planning processes.

A solid portfolio management solution helps you gain control of your IT projects and deliver meaningful value to the business by taking a holistic view of your organization’s overall IT strategy. Balance riskier strategic investments with more conservative investments, and constantly monitor the mix to assess which projects are on track. Determine the projects that need help and the ones that should be shut down, fact based.

Sounds too easy right? … Reality shows different. It’s all about having the required information at hand and execution. Based on our +20 years of field experience let us help your organisation to:

Focus On Your Portfolio – Follow the heartbeat

Centrally manage all information, in one place, to support an effective portfolio management process. Provide company specific perspectives, apply strategic scoring techniques and integrate crucial financial information for viewing your portfolios through different lenses. Get a constant 360 degree view on your portfolio, call it the cockpit to control your organisation’s investments.

Get Clear Insights by Your Standards

Use your own perspectives to categorize or classify your projects and get insight by evaluating your portfolio from different angles depending on flexible business criteria. Provide your stakeholders with strategic and out-of-the-box business intelligence that they need to make solid portfolio decisions. Highly customizable to facilitate the decision making process.

Support Sound Portfolio Decisions

Enable scenario planning capabilities to prioritize and balance your project portfolio that supports your organisation’s strategy, optimizing value and generate the expected ROI. Simple, straightforward and powerful to manage any project portfolio.

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