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COVID-19 Impact on Portfolio Management

It should be clear to all of us by now, COVID-19 will change the entire notion of offices. About 74 percent out of 317 CFOs and business finance leaders surveyed by Gartner last week expect some of their employees who were forced to work from home because of the pandemic to continue working remotely after […]


Cost Optimisations. Sustain Your Organisation!

The harsh economic impact of COVID-19 will be beyond any doubt. Budget pressure requires a rapid response, especially during uncertain and turbulent times like this. Most to all companies started budget cut exercises on all levels. Programs and projects are postponed or simply cancelled. But rash decisions can jeopardise your longer-term objectives for success and […]


Why You Need a Digital Data Architecture

Data & analytics are at the core of the digital transformation. Making sure that the information democracy is advocated across the enterprise has become an imperative. The marketplace for data & analytics solution providers is undergoing a rapid and profound transition as the supporting technologies are also changing. Cloud is becoming the standard choice more […]


Portfolio Management For Data & Analytics

Gartner expects the Data & Analytics market to rise to $22.8 billion by 2020 and Reuters foresees additional growth to $29.48 billion by 2022 [1]. According to the Project Management Institute, demand over the next 10 years for project managers is growing faster than demand for workers in any other occupation [2]. With both these […]


Agile BI – The Product Owner’s confusion

With the maturing of the software industry and with an overwhelming acceptance of agility, I am still surprised at the inconsistency and overall confusion between what product managers and product owners do. Adding to the confusion, organizations struggling to make sense of the roles and job titles can’t rely on conflicting information widely spread over […]