We have evolved beyond most hype cycles and technologies in general have matured. However that’s only one part of the equation since people and their competences are equally important. If you want to win the game, the king on the chessboard in ICT projects may just be the “business analyst”.

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This role has become so much more than numbers crunching. He or she understands so well both the business processes as well as the underlying ICT architecture and data structures. He or she can see – and help others to see – the broader strategic business context and relate this to game changing technology trends. A top of the class business analyst is autonomously by nature, is a top-communicator and is able to understand complex business and ICT challenges. The business analyst is “bilingual” and therefore able to speak fluently to both business leaders and IT teams. At Cadenz we have extensive experience in solution definition, design and development. Our continuous learning approach allows us to apply best-practices, taking into account all lessons learned from previous projects.