Most ICT projects are complex of nature and are usually not limited to just implementing software, this is just a small piece of the puzzle of success. In many cases companies need to overcome a resistance to change, especially when transitioning to a more Agile organisation. In order to make this shift, people often need to be coached towards self-direction and self-supporting but taking into account their individual and unique strengths and building on what they already do well in IT initiatives.

Often the barriers for adopting Agile approaches originate from uncertainty and not knowing how to practically start with it.A. Suetens (partner)
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Why Agile Scrum?

We’re not necessarily picking Agile Scrum out as uniquely best but it’s important to pursue an agile approach and execute it well. Agile Scrum incorporates the hallmarks of agile, important in information management. It has a general emphasis on people over processes, a working project over all else, and minimisation of long planning cycles, opting instead for educated speculation. And sure, the constant sprint deadlines take some getting used to, but most people do if they’re getting into Agile Scrum in the right way.

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Agile Scrum Coaching

In many cases people or teams just need that bit of a push in the right direction. Our coaching services enable you to effect change and embrace Agile Scrum with a focus on the practical side. These services are delivered by experienced consultants who blend coaching skills with the insights that they acquired from the trenches. We address stuff that falls outside of the classic scrum rules or training and that will help in anybody’s adoption cycle.

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